Daily Habits -> Goals

Love of School

Motivational tools like leaderboards can also decrease productivity — students get TOO excited to see new results and won’t work much until they do. The key is establishing a regular update cadence, so kids know when they’ll get new info and don’t obsess about it at other times.


2x Learning

Hypothesis: showing L2 students their weekly minutes on each subject — and comp values from peers + L3 students — will drive increased time in app. We’ll test with a few students and follow up with results. Everyone wants to get to the next level, but will they do the work?


Life Skills

Good reminder from @TrevorMoawad this week: daily habits should be crafted to match our ultimate goals. If not, we have to recalibrate our goals downward to match our habits. That’s key for successful daily goal-setting, a critical life skill for students (and adults).